Locally Delivered the System that
Gets Local Businesses Selling Online
To Local Customers

IF You Sell Physical Products
We Can Get You Trading Online Fast

Continue To Trade During Lockdown
A Complete System To Start Selling your Own Products Online
Costing Just £25 per month

About Us

Locally Delivered is a new venture designed to keep small businesses trading during the Coronavirus lockdown.
We are part if Informatica Database Solutions,(IDBS) a company founded in 1987 in Wotton-under-Edge by Chris Richards, the former Chief Executive of The Costwold Building Society.
IDBS designed and built datbase solutions for small companies and around 10 years ago started working on developing digital marketing strategies including websites and more recently video marketing.


If you are a business in the local area that normally sells physical goods, that can be anything including food or hardware equipment and anything in between, the this can work for you.

Our sytem offers you a low-cost complete order taking website where you can receive orders and payments direct from your customers and can deliver yourself to their home.

Everything you need to trade online is included

How Locally Delivered System Works

We have created a directory style website (this one), that will have all the businesses listed according to Town and service provided.

All the listings will have a description of what they do and where they are and will have a direct click through link to the business’s individual website hosted as a subsite of locallydelivered.co.uk.

This subsite will contain all that is required to allow unlimited products, online orders, with online payment with Debit/Credit cards

You will need to do a few things to make this work for you that only you, the business can do.

Your Responsibilities

  1. Setup a Paypal account here to accept card payments. This takes only a few minutes and is simple. You only need an email address*, a credit card and a bank account.
  2. Enter all your personal information in our simple form online to be included in your website
  3. Decide which products you want to sell online and enter them on your site in our pre-prepared standard form. If you sell products by weight, e.g Greengrocer, create a produce box containing a pre-weighed selection and sell as a box.
  4. Decide how you are going to arrange delivery. Because customers will be local, you should be able to do that yourself or use an employee, or son/daughter. It should not be a problem. May be more awkward if goods are time sensitive, like a meal, but that is easily overcome.

*If you don’t have an email address you can set one up with Google here. It too is very simple and only takes a few seconds

We can help you every step of the way if necessary, you just need to ask.

Local Delivery System Background

During the lockdown your business is suffering and you have little or no income,  right? Of course it is. So is mine. Around half of my customers have nothing coming in, so are not paying their contractual monthly fees for their website and hosting, so I know how you feel.

But that also means half of them still are, so I do have something coming in.

But if you are a local store or restaurant, you probably have nothing coming in, but you already know that.

My question to you is, how would you like to start trading online for just £25 per month using our specialist system designed to help local businesses like you?

It really is possible?. Can you can have your own e-commerce store taking orders and payments direct from local customers selling any physical product you have? Well Yes You Can With Our System

This applies to anything, from takeaway food a vegetable selection box, to a tin of paint. Once you have setup a Paypal account, which takes only a few minutes and worked out how best you can deliver to the customer. Most businesses will do delivery themselves as all their customers will be local.

Your Own Online Ordering System,

What we do is create an online ordering system website for you and you upload and manage the products that you can and want to sell online and of course, tell everyone what you are doing. All the complicated, technical stuff is done by us and all the income you earn goes directly to you.

You do not need to buy a domain or hosting or amend your existing website, if you have one.

Our website, this website firstly lists and markets your business as one that will do deliveries. This listing contains a direct link that takes customers to your subsite where your products you have listed are ordered, direct from you. You are in complete control.

You Handle all Financial Transactions

All enquiries, orders and payments come directly to you and you can accept credit/debit card payments online with orders through your Paypal account. Just like Amazon and other major online stores. Paypal is secure and is trusted by customers worldwide.

It is up to you to promote this service locally, using advertising,  Facebook, email or contacting existing customers. The message will soon get around by word of mouth and recommendation as well.

Your website link is tied into our main domain so if your trading name is Brown & Co your website will be https://locallydelivered.co.uk/brown&co. No need to change anything on your existing website

We have been working with small business owners for digital marketing and database design for over 20 years so know what the pressures are.

Fast Setup and ongoing system management

Your new web system can be up and running between 3-5 working days, but you will need to upload yourself thhe products you want to sell, but we have made this a simple procedure to follow.

Despite its complexity, due to the crisis we face, we are charging local businesses only £25 per month (half price) for this entire system. Furthermore, if you decide it is not working for you, then you can cancel at any time and stop paying. You are not tied in to any onerous contract. We also manage the sytem to make sure it continues to run smoothly and works for you.

You need help to survive this crisis and so do we. Let’s help each other.

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