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About Ken Hitchings Photography & Video


Love is one of the strongest emotions we can experience. It changes lives, it creates life changing moments. It is one of the major forces of life itself.

I love weddings, I love the interaction the couples and all those who share their day. It is a moment in time. but one of the most meaningful of any interaction of the human soul. It is etched on the very soul our very being. It is what we are. It is what we are meant to be. It is life. We are – but we are more together.

These moments shared in imagery can be such an important part of the memories of the day. To recall in years to come the sheer joy, beauty, and excitement of the day. Therefore the images must reflect the day that was surrounded in love.

Like music they must stimulate the senses bring joy, stir every emotion that lies within our very being Every time you pause and recall the day they should remind you of a moment in time, a moment to be shared, in joy, in excitement and in confidence what is to come. The images should and must reflect the emotion and sheer joy and love of the day.We are who we are, but we must still dream of what we can be.

“It’s the image that matters”

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Ken Hitchings Photography & Video

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