Local Business Online Store

If you Sell Physical Goods
Why Not Start Trading Online
With Your Own Local E-Commerce Store

Whatever your business if you sell products you can sell them online. Your competitors are, so why not you?.

If you think it's complicated
If you think it's expensive
If you think it's not for local stores

Think Again

An online store can work for EVERY business that sells physical products.

From a loaf of bread to a tin of paint, people want to buy and while they cannot visit your store, they still want your products. Don’t let them use the chain stores online or worse still Amazon when they can still buy from you

A lot of small shops will cease to operate when the current lockdown is over and the big boys will increase their dominance. Don’t let it happen to you. People like local shops and you can enable them to and get used to, keep buying from you,.

Your Own Online Store

We Support Local Businesses

We create an online ecommerce store tailored to your business where you can sell any product you stock you wish to sell online.

Easy to use for both you and your customers.

Take online orders and receive payments online to ensure your customers stay with you and your business not only survives but actually thrives.

We not only create the platform for you to sell online but also host your website too.

Our cost for ecommerce websites is normally £99 per month, but during the lockdown we have slashed the price by half to just £50 per month and for new orders before 30th June 2020 offer free hosting too.

When the lockdown is over why not continue to offer online selling.

Your subscription to us will be fixed for 2 years

This is our best ever offer and is unlikely to be repeated. Order now and you could be online by the end of May 2020

What You Get

  • Tailor made website
  • Domain Name
  • Inclusive Hosting
  • Unlimited products online that you manage
  • Online Ordering System
  • Online Payment System
  • Free Cancellation Facility

Suitable for any business that sells physical products that can be shipped.

You the business has to arrange delivery system, but many of our clients do it themselves to start with.

We offer a no penalty cancellation facility if you find it is not for you. Just tell us before next payment date and it will be cancelled.

Fixed price. We will not change your discount price for 2 years. If you are still with us after 2 years we will review your situation individually.

We ask for a £50 commitment fee with order. This is refundable if you cancel within 7 days of the order.

E Commerce System

For Local Businesses To Trade Online
£ 50 Monthly
  • Tailored To You
  • Managed By You
  • Unlimited Products
  • Price Fixed for 2 years
  • Cancel Anytime

How It Works

Click the Order Here button above and complete the details of your business fully. Pay the £50 commitment fee and we will start on your website immdiately. The information you include on the form will be used to create your website.

You will also automatically receive an entry in the LD Directory

We will acquire a domain name for you for 2 years, as close to your business name as possible from the fee you paid us and will set this up on our hosting server. Once your first monthly payment is received, this will be transferred into your ownership for management and renewal

Normally we take around 10-14 working days to complete your website template and upload it to our server.

You will be sent your login details to access the website.

What You Need To Do

Setup an account with PayPal in your name and send us the details. It is very simple to do and takes just a few minutes and is what will be used to receive online payments. PayPal is secure and is universally trusted

When your website is uploaded you need to add the products tyou want to sell. This is a very simple procedure  and allows you to completely manage the products yourself. Such things as price, delivery charges, stock levels etc.